We are a comprehensive plumbing repair and electrical company serving Manatee and Sarasota counties and the surrounding islands. Family-owned and -operated since 1980, we have a reputation for quality and are dedicated to providing superior service to our community.

How We Help You

“My sister-in-law was selling her house. They day of the inspection her garbage disposal broke. She was panicking as the buyer was nitpicking everything. She asked me who I use for plumbing and electrical and told her Richard’s. She called and they had someone there about an hour later to replace it. And they didn’t gouge her on the pricing. She closed on the house. Richard’s Plumbing is an outstanding company and I’d recommend them all day long!” – Ken

“I called Richard’s plumbing because my back flow device was broken and spewing water like a geyser. Greg answered my call and came as quickly as possible after 8:00 pm. He came and got the water turned off very quickly and completed the repair within a half hour! Thank you Greg, with Richard’s plumbing!” – Summer B.